Friday, February 10, 2017

Favorite Series

My favorite series is The Walking Dead, its an action show about survivors after a sickness infects everyone on earth, turning you into "Walkers" once you die. The show is on season seven, here's the Trailer for comic-con this year. The show uses a lot of makeup and special affects to bring the characters and "walkers" to life. For clarification this is a walker, they are the constant threat to the characters. Along with rival groups of survivors.

My friend introduced me to the show around two years ago. Now every Sunday when its on I got over to his house to watch it. His parents make food and usually its not just me over, hi brother and our other friends go. Its a action packed show and its even better to watch with friends who are as interested in it as you are. This Season the show lost two main characters and it as easier as a viewer to see why the directors did it when you have multiple people collaborating on the details of the episode.

The Walking Dead has an amazing fan base, after every show theirs a show called The Talking Dead where it shows clips of the next episode and goes over the last episode. It also shows the best fan art that's been submitted. Their are live people in the audience and they always get items that were important in that episode. The show highlights the best and worst parts of having to survive in the Apocalypse. The constant struggle for resources and safety. I really enjoy watching the show, the next episode is this Sunday, so feel free to tune in.