Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Reflection on Place and Culture"

I live in Fortuna California. Here we get morning fog, and evening wind. This is my home, where i grew up. This town is very close, everyone knows almost everyone. I love the area, the forest, the small town, the area is calming and wonderfully beautiful. I like that it is a small town so you can walk around town and your friends houses aren't very far from were ever you are. The town has a classic small town culture, but me.. I cant wait to leave, as much as I love this town, I need to travel to see other parts of this world. I need to get lost to find myself. But enough about me, here in northern CA we have 100 feet tall redwoods that make up lot of our forests, its a humbling feeling to live near such giants.
But with a small town come small town problems. People just getting too nosy but I guess that happens everywhere right? One thing I wish was different would be that people even though we're in a small town were more culturally diverse like if I were to take a few people from around the world and they formed a town, so its culturally very rich and different ways of doing things. Because that's how you learn new, and  find the best ways to do things.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

About Me

I'm Sebastian Hunter, I'm a 15 year old sophomore at Fortuna High. Some of my favorite songs are "Wake Up" and "Chasing Time". If you listen too these, use headphones or speakers or something. I do are martial art called Tang Soo Do. I live with my mom, dad, and my little sister. In my free time I like too hang out with friends and game online.

My Snapchat is shadows_hunterz
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