Thursday, September 15, 2016

About Me

I'm Sebastian Hunter, I'm a 15 year old sophomore at Fortuna High. Some of my favorite songs are "Wake Up" and "Chasing Time". If you listen too these, use headphones or speakers or something. I do are martial art called Tang Soo Do. I live with my mom, dad, and my little sister. In my free time I like too hang out with friends and game online.

My Snapchat is shadows_hunterz
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  3. Hi Sebastian I’m Yahiya it's so cool to live next to your friends here in tangier our houses are so far. Where you can go in weekends with friends or family? You have so much forest in your city, in tangier we have only 3 but we have a lot of beaches. I've listen to that music before, I love this kind of music .I have learned more about Fortuna in the internet and I like it. What's the Schedule in your school?

    1. So my school schedule is 2 clasess which are about an hour each and then a break and then 2 more classes then a 40 minute lunch then out last 2 classes and then we go home. And I feel your pain, I live out of tow so I have to drive to go anywhere.